Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Let The Games Begin

And quickly, since it's 9:00 pm...

But it was a good, if busy, day. It always feels good to at least present a productive front!

I had a tea date down the street with my friend this morning, and I was able to get 2 loads of laundry on the line (to beat the thunderstorms they were predicting for this afternoon), a 3rd load in the dryer and 2 loaves of bread rising (one for them and one for me...) before I left.

This afternoon I got the bed remade (sheets were in the first load of laundry...) the pillow cases and shirts ironed, and a lovely strawberry fruit and custard dessert  made, (which I have called "Fresh Fruit Flan Trifle") .

The Ginger Beef with rice for supper wasn't even too bad, although I'm feeling a little peckish 4 hours later...

And now the boy is going to beat my butt on some X-Box racing game since his Dad went to finish off some work at the church...

Maybe I'll be good at it though, you never can tell.

Nope. I take that back. Apparently they're "Monster Trucks"... and he says I'm driving a firetruck and he's driving a school bus... this is probably not going to be pretty...


  1. I am honestly amazed at the things you do. My mom is the same way. Do you think there's any chance I'll ever be able to do that much around the house, and make so much great food, all in one day? I WANT to be a good housewife (when I'm home) and I don't even know where to start!!

  2. Hey, when i wanted to play that with him he was in his bedroom, READING.

    Thats why I headed to the office. Nobody to play with.

  3. What is "iron shirts"? Please explain.

    ....just kidding.