Saturday, July 19, 2008

People! Come ON!

I can appreciate that, on your way to the workbench, you get knocked on the head by the little clothes-drying-clippy thing that I have hanging from that plastic hanger, which in turn hangs from the metal brace on the ceiling of the laundry room...

And I can totally understand if you need to lift the clothes-drying-clippy hanging thing off the hanger it hangs on to move it up and out of your way...



I know it's nothing for all you 6 feet (and nearly 6 ft)  tall people to casually reach up your hand to raise the clothes-drying-clippy-hanging thing...

But if you could have observed my frustrated stretching this morning, and heard my joints and sinews cracking and creaking as I tried to get it back down to where I could reach the little clippy things...


I can but hope that first you would have been moved by compassion to get it down for me, and second you would have been struck with remorse and determined to put it back the next time you so carelessly flung it out of your forehead bumping way.


1 comment:

  1. Hmmm you stretching your joints and ligaments, or me loosing an eye.

    I think the eye wins.

    Unless you were not directing this at me. If not then,

    Those thoughtless boys, i told them to look out for you!!