Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Caved

It only took 5 or 6 people asking if I've seen a Doctor...

So, tomorrow after lunch. I'm going.

Not that I expect her to be able to tell me much, or do much for me.

I overheard her talking about antibiotics with one of her colleagues last time I was there, and she shares my opinion about giving them out willy-nilly. (We're against it)

I'd just as soon let my body deal with this... but I can't deny the pain that won't go away... and all the lumps of congealed bodily fluid from my sinus and bronchial areas are definitely green... at least I don't have a fever that I know of.  I did finally take my temperature this afternoon but it was only .3 degrees C above "normal", so I don't count that as a fever.

Ah, well. I ditched the Dentist this morning; I'll see if I make the funeral tomorrow.

It's very nearly time to break out the heating pad (which started the night cradling my chin and right ear and ended the night on my face for that pain) and hit the hay.

Feels like it's been a Very. Long. Day.

But it hasn't really.

I blame the disease.

And I almost forgot about the beautiful Lady who brought a brilliant bunch of flowers from the Church to cheer me up this afternoon, and a rotisserie chicken to make supper easier!

Definitely a bright spot in the day.

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