Monday, August 25, 2008

R. I. P. (Rest In Pieces)

They took the little red car away today.

To the Auto Wrecker.


We got it when we had 3 children in high school, and it became fairly clear that registration for one aging Cavalier would be less than return bus fare for 3 students five days a week.

And wouldn't you know,

That just before the beginning of the school year in which there are no legal drivers besides the Husband and myself

And the little red car which has served so faithfully would be once more just for me

It is no more.

It has had the snot driven out of it for 4 years

And 2 weeks ago the transmission died.

Stuck in second gear, we think.

It's been failing for several months

But now,


It is no more.

It is expired.

It is a late  parrot car.


Now it's either foot power again, or bicycle power until the snow flies I suppose, or putting in a request for the newer van, or taking the  recently re-licensed old van. (although... for the record I don't really like to drive the old van until it gets quite a bit colder out, so the copiously thick exhaust mingles with the rest of the exhaust and doesn't look quite so conspicuous)

Ah, yes.

And so we say goodbye.


  1. Sometime there a sense of sadness when a car leaves and sometimes there's a sense of relief.

    When our first Citroen CX (go google images) was scrapped I was really quite upset. Sure it was thirsty, but it was one of only 2 cars that I've ever really liked, and it was just lovely to be in.

    When Ben and I drove over to pick up Chris's beetle back in January the drive shaft literally died as we drove over - I really thought we might not make it. There was a certain relief in saying 'goodbye' to what was a very economical but highly unpleasant little heap, knowing we'd never have to risk ourselves to its tin-foil charms again.

    I'm sure something will be along for you, but in the mean time enjoy the extra fitness from walking. ;)

  2. Woops - thinking but not actually writing what I think. car number 2 was a Daewoo Matiz.

    Chris's dad bought it new, and was always asking me for reassurance that he'd done the right thing. I never understood why until I drove it.

  3. I noticed the empty spot as I drove by your place yesterday and wondered about the poor thing. It is nice to have a means of transport. Biking is not bad - for the next month or so but then it gets a bit tricky when the snow falls.