Sunday, August 3, 2008


You go away...  you come back...

You get sick.

I was feeling the very edge of it flickering last week while I was getting ready to go, but I successfully (or so I thought) ignored it.

Probably a combination of really moist air, fans and air conditioners taking their toll.

Whatever the cause,

I have a thick, thick feeling from just above my ears to just above the third button on my shirt front.




And this is a busy week.

It's supposed to be the start of our holidays, but aside from a jaunt into Saskatoon for a family barbecue with the siblings who have the day off, the rest of the week is rapidly filling up with less fun stuff.

Tuesday is His birthday, which means I have only a day to think what I'll do for him... I'm thinking Key Lime Pie, since I'm sick... Then Wednesday I'm getting a couple of teeth looked at... and Thursday is a funeral and getting ready for company... Friday friends from Winnipeg are coming for a couple of days...

So much to do, so little time in the morning...

Guess I should go take another shot of that DM cough syrup with the expectorant and cough suppressant... and see if I can sleep tonight.


If I'm hacking all over the place I won't get to play with my nephew tomorrow, (who's getting SO BIG and SO CUTE).

Stupid sickness.

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  1. I'm sick with a cold too. Wonder who breathed on us? Bad way to finish up a vacation.