Monday, September 15, 2008

And Semi-Retirement? How's That Working For Ya?

Well, for me, it has certainly not lived up to expectations.

The pay's the same, but the hours are worse. I'm up by 6:30 most days, compared to 7:30-7:45 last year. Granted, it does give me longer days in the Micah Free Zone, but I haven't got the hang of going to bed earlier to compensate for the premature mornings.

The Boy, at least, has been exemplary, as far as being out the door every morning but the first to catch the bus. Friday he took his bike, but I haven't had to drive him again.

It's also hard to tell what the days would/could be like, because the first two weeks have been atypical, in that they've involved weekend company, then going away for a wedding, then a week of  holiday the husband hanging about to work.

Instead of the leisurely days that I envisioned at the Art Center throwing clay around,  I've been sorting through my life and packing boxes.

We're going into week three now.

Apples should be coming tomorrow for my annual Apple Jelly making job.

Another last.

And I've been contacted about working the election next month, so if they need me there will be a half day of District Returning Officer School coming up.

So... I guess upon reflection, we won't see what "normal" semi-retirement looks like until the end of October when we've moved and have effectively settled into the new house and the new job and the new routine.

Alrighty, then.

We'll just carry on, shall we?

Be as normal as possible?

I think that might involve warming up my tea...

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