Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Balancing Act

So, I found out during the announcements at Church on Sunday that Randall has this week off. (good thing I was listening to the announcements...)

Which means:

a) He will be doing yard work

b) He will be painting walls

c) He will be wanting things sorted out and cleaned

The trick, for me, will be to look like I'm being helpful without losing my usual rhythm.

My usual rhythm is less Jitterbug or Salsa, and more Grade 9 Slow Dance Shuffle.

Although I have considered learning Tap...

Mmm... yeah.

So, this morning before keeping a Tea Date, I cleaned off moved all the knick-knacks from the various shelves in the living room to the kitchen table and sorted my books into a "To Keep" box and a "Back to the Library Book Sale" box.

I only came downstairs to get a couple more Avon boxes to pack the knick- knacks in... but the computer was on... tempting me... while He's in the kitchen mixing putty for nail holes.

Maybe He has to go out for paint yet, and I can talk him into a coffee break on the way.

I was hoping to be at the pottery studio this week...  but this will be fine too... as long as he doesn't make me glad that  He's going back to work next week...

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