Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Just a reminder, community representatives are welcomed with open arms J"

This is the email I received this afternoon to let me know I should come to the Community Council meeting at Micah's old school.

And then the V.P. phoned to see if I was coming.

And I thought I was so loved and missed.

And then I checked the email tonight, and from another committee member was this message:

"Even if you can't make the meeting, you could just drop off cookies..."

Ah, perspective.

It's a humbling thing.

: )


  1. I believe I added a smiley face to that, didn't I? :0)

  2. Indubitably. Smiley face was noted.

    : )

  3. Cookies are just an added bonus. You are always welcome without cookies, too. But I mean, if you have extra cookies sitting around, there's no sense of letting them go to waste when there are people starving across the road at the school...

  4. Yeah, what Rob said . . .