Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Day The Music Died

Well, the piano has been moved on.

It rolled out the front door just before 6:00 this evening.

It's going to a good home, where it will be loved, played and appreciated.

But I'm going to miss it.

And it looks like the movers will be here sooner than we thought. So between funerals, and lawyers and pharmacies, and friends we've been getting serious with the kitchen and bathroom cupboards.

Just the pantry left to go through.

And how am I?

Just extremely, overwhelmingly, completely tired.

I've been very glad for Johanna and Nate's help.

Very glad.


  1. Soon, I pray, you will be singing new songs in a new place. But, I'm also thinking of you all as you face each of the deaths that are a prerequisite to resurrection to a new life.