Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Middle Of The End

Well, I survived the Election yesterday.

It turned out to be a 15 hour day, working a polling station in the East Flats.

We had a relatively uneventful polling station situation, and the day went well for the most part.

My Poll Clerk was a pleasure to work with and the day didn't drag in spite of our fatigue levels.

And now, the Students have returned to their studies, and we're counting the days until the moving truck arrives.

Don't know if we'll be ready for it, but we'll give it a shot.

I'll have a couple of coffee dates this week, and the Chiropractor once more for good measure... and I have to remember to pick up my prescription. I should have about 4 months to find a new doctor before my Metformin runs out.


Just the slogging.

Shifting, sorting, packing, cleaning.

And trying to stay straightened out. That will be the biggest challenge of all.

In a move worthy of Jen's car, I managed to overbalance on my brother in law's new front steps Monday afternoon, and sort of trip-danced up to the door, before catching my toes on the door frame and falling into the front hall.

The Chiropractor fixed me up this morning, but I will have to be very careful when I'm moving things (or not) for the rest of the week. I figure this is as good a reason as any to just direct traffic.  I have one last checkup on Saturday. I'm going to miss that manipulative man.


Laundry calls.

And other stuff...

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