Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Neither Here Nor There

My mind has been in a different place for the past few days.

Weird and wonderful?

... More strange and surreal.

This is Randall's last week at Gateway.

The kids are all coming home to say goodbye.

It's been an ocean of emotion.

Like standing on the shore, looking out at the horizon. The view is great, the sky is wide open, the salty air is tangy and cool. The water ripples over your feet, teasing your toes and ankles. Pleasant. Nice.

And then a big ol' wave comes crashing out of nowhere and nearly knocks you off your feet. You look around again, and heavy, dark clouds have gathered, and the wind is freshening and gathering strength. The sun disappears.

Sort of up and down.

Tide in, tide out.

Sunshine and rain.

And while navigating through this particular ocean, with a wonky oar and a soggy tissue, life as we know it goes on.

And changes.


Strange and surreal.


  1. That part of my insides where I hold back the tears is aching.

  2. Life in all its fullness ? Thinking of you.

    And btw you do write very well.

  3. My heart is there, too my friend. You will be missed!

  4. Sorry, Lauralea. Forgot to sign in there.

  5. I'm still working on letting you go...I know it's all for the good...but my mind and heart aren't getting there very fast.

    It must be difficult enough for you to be leaving your home here, let alone people you love and who love you.

    Crying with you...