Friday, October 10, 2008

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

You've got to make the morning last...

Just a few thoughts while I wait for my Dentist appointment or the Real Estate Agent who's showing our house, whichever comes first.

The Coop-Flown Offspring are arriving tomorrow!

YeeHaw, and YAY!

Not like I'm excited about it or anything.

I'm getting a little freaked out, as there are seven days until we expect the moving trucks/ trailers... and 4 of those days are completely booked.

Well, tomorrow is a booked day, but I suppose it's not completely booked. I might get a little sorting and packing done tomorrow in between baking bread and making a big brunch for the travellers, and cooking a big family supper... not to mention the poetry reading at the Library at 2:30... (my friend's sister published a book of poetry, and having borrowed, read and enjoyed it, I thought it would be nice to go hear her read some of it tomorrow)

But Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are most certainly booked.

Thanksgiving Service and Potluck. (I shall not say the F-a-r-e-w-e-l-l word...) and then a family supper together. I'm thinking wiener roast...

And Monday is an extended family dinner in Saskatoon, and getting children on the bus to go back to school.

And Tuesday is the Election. Get out there to Vote and Vote often. And if you're out and about, going past the East End Hall... coffee, double cream. I bring my own sweetener. Or steeped tea, one cream unless it's a big cup.

: )

Ah, well.

Having finished my after lunch apple, and since the show-ees aren't here yet, maybe I should go brush and floss my teeth.

I have a feeling that the last week will go WAY TOO FAST.

And it was snowing this morning.

I'm not quite ready for that either.


  1. So, is bringing you a steeped tea considered a bribe? Or is it okay if we vote often and don't always bring it so it looks sort of random?

  2. So much going on ! Thinking of you.

    Is there ever any major life change we feel completely ready for though ? Yet somehow, (grace/resilence/experience/God or all of the above) we survive to the next stage.

    Still thinking of you.

  3. East End Hall? How come I have to vote at the Exhibition Centre?