Friday, November 14, 2008

But It's Not The Flu

Every major and minor joint in my body might hurt,

And my ears, nose and throat might be stuffed, plugged and/ or sore,

And my face might ache where my sinuses reside,

And I might be coughing because my chest is getting congested,

And my nose might be redder than Rudolph's,

But It's Not The Flu.

'Cause I had the flu shot.

So it's NOT the flu.

Although, if it was, Hot Toddies might be in order...


  1. One period and two pregnancy tests later (taken 2 weeks apart) have convinced me that I only had the flu.

    Which means a glass of wine is definitely in order.

  2. Having the flu shot doesn't mean that you won't get the flu. It's just supposed to lessen the severity of your bout. They usually neglect to mention that.