Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Good Thing

About making a menu

Is the opportunity to try new things.

Like Pad Thai.

The bad thing?

New things,

Like Pad Thai,

Kind of smell up the joint.

Especially when you burn the first round of garlic to an absolute crisp.

Today might be about opening windows and airing things out before tomorrow's Open House...


  1. Curious.

    Pad Thai shouldn't smell very much at all. Unless you burn the garlic.......

  2. Aye... THERE'S the rub... No one much liked the smell of the fish sauce, either. But it was good, the second time around!

    (still learning to cook on the gas range. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...)

  3. did you have to make your peanut sauce out of creamy peanut butter? Good times, indeed.

  4. I took a Thai cooking class a couple of months ago and we made pad thai. I haven't attempted it at home yet though. It was so good :) Not a fan of the fish sauce on it's own, or the smell of it, but once it's mixed in with all the other flavors it's just more of a salty flavor than anything. Better luck next time with the garlic. Did you use tamarind paste in yours? Our cooking class instructor was very adament that pad thai sauce must be made with tamarind. I had never had it before, but it added nice flavor.

  5. No Tamarind sauce; but the fresh lime juice and bit of brown sugar might have been intended to replicate the tamarind sauce effect.

  6. Ahh, the aroma of garlic, sugar cookies and peppernuts. Something a bit out of place?

    At least there should be plenty of fresh air out there in the field.

  7. I'm the kind of gal that thinks that having a house that smells like garlic is doing my guests a favor!! Brew a pot of coffee and bake a loaf of bread and I'd be in smell-heaven!