Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike

Not to say that we both have great minds, but...

I've been thinking about the devotional I was asked to do for tomorrow night's Ladies' meeting.

By Monday night I had come up with a plan which involved a Max Lucado children's story.

Perfect, I thought.

Today I went looking for it.

I checked the bookshelf.

Then I carefully checked the bookshelf.

I determined that it must still be in a box somewhere, so after supper I told Randall I was going over to the church to check the library.

"Which book?" he asked.

I told him.

"Oh." he said, "I was planning to use that during the Service in a couple of weeks."


So I went back to the shelf.

"This will work!" I triumphed, wielding another Max Lucado children's story.

"Um... I have plans for that one too," said my ever lovin' husband.

Back, yet once again, to the drawing board.

As it stands now, I have two choices. One is better, but I have never yet read it without breaking down. The other is less likely to leave me verklempt, but is likewise less poignant.

I have a feeling I'll go with the weepy story. It has a good message that can be tied in with advent and Christmas.

And I may be just congested enough to pass off the guaranteed thickness in my throat as part of my sickness... and with a well timed cough or two, maybe I'll make it through ...


  1. I SAID with the second one that I was only teasing and you could use it.

    so go for it.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, love, the new choices might be the best because they're shorter... but I'll read them all through once for time. That will help me decide.