Monday, December 29, 2008

I Meant What I Said And I Said What I Meant

It somehow came about this past summer, as we were wandering through the amusement park section of the West Edmonton Mall, that I said "If you go, I'll go"... or "We should all go together! What a fun family memory that would be!"... (something along those lines)

We were standing by the Roller Coaster at the time.

It was Randall and I and the boys.

No one was really in the mood... or they were all chicken... or they didn't really believe that I would seriously go on the Roller Coaster...

So we didn't.

Hillary came to hear of it. (or she just wanted to share the joy... she loves roller coasters... )

So this Christmas vacation...

We needed to go to W.E.M. and we needed to buy wristbands, and we needed to spend a day riding the rides!

Today we indulged her, (and exchanged some jeans, and spent some happy time at the book store) and we braved the city to hit The Mall.

Thomas met a friend and spent the afternoon hanging out.

Hillary and Micah bought wrist bands and spent the afternoon whirling and swinging.

And I bought 6 tickets and went on the roller coaster with them.

Not the big one, as I was advised that it has a tendency to whip your neck around, but the slightly ... smaller?... slower?... "Orbiter".

Not sure if it was any neck friendlier than the other, but what have you.


Let it never be said that I don't keep my word.

"When will you go on the roller coaster again, Mom?"

I told him maybe in another 25 years.

After I stop feeling dizzy.


  1. I went on the "kids" roller coaster there when I was about 12. It didn't feel like a kids ride. I guess I'm a chicken.

    But I went on it with my grandpa. So, if he can go on it when he was 75, you'll HAVE to go on the roller coaster in 25 years.

    (I was mostly worried about his teeth falling out, since just a few years before he'd lost his teeth at the bottom of the fast waterslide at the Cavalier in Saskatoon.)

  2. I went on the big roller coaster there about 7 or 8 years ago. I got scared when the loop part came so I looked down, and the force of going through the loop gave me some pretty bad whiplash. I am not a ride person. I say good for you Lauralea!

  3. haha, yay for you!! Is that the one that circles as it goes up and down? Have you looked at how much the supports move? That's almost scarier than the ride itself!

  4. You are truly a brave woman!

    My mom went on the straight-down-no-curves waterslide at the waterpark when she was 65 or something...Jonathan talked her into it.

    At least it's something to put on your list of "I Did It" things.