Friday, December 5, 2008

My Bark Is Worse Than My Bite

I woke up Wednesday morning (?) with the congestion well established in my chest again.

And I've been sounding terrible, and blowing and coughing since then.

Now, coughing is not a bad thing. It's the body's response to foreign, unwanted mucus inhabiting places it should not be. Bad stuff in? Get it out.

I remember the good old days. Before pseudophedrine hydrochloride became a banned substance.

Now my only recourse, if catching the congestion before it gets out of hand (or nose, as the case may be) and settles in my chest fails, is homeopathic type remedies.

Heating pad on the chest at night in lieu of mustard plasters, hot showers, steaming mugs of tea.

And expectorants.

I always thought it was a bit of an oxymoron to market an expectorant cough suppressant. But, I suppose that if the expectorant was particularly effective, you wouldn't live long as a decapitated, non-breathing entity. (coughing your head off as you cough up your lungs)

So, as it is, I sleep with the heating pad clutched to my labouring chest, and spend the day drinking hot tea (nothing new there...) and swigging Chest Cough DM cough syrup.

And coughing.

And, although it's distressing to hear,

It's a necessary evil.

Mucus will out.

Hopefully it will take care of itself as it did two weeks ago. If not... I suppose it will be my turn to find a doctor.

I'll give it until Monday.


  1. I highly recommend Apricot Brandy. Really. Add it to your tea, or microwave it slightly (do not boil). My husband uses it whenever he gets a cold, and it works (I don't get colds - maybe that's because I have a drink too when he's having one. Don't want him drinking alone, you know.) Anyway - Ed's Mom told us about this remedy and it has worked every single time. Do get better soon.