Sunday, December 21, 2008

Non Pineapple Tidbits

Open house went well, I think. It served the purpose I hoped it would serve, namely to get our new Church family through the doors and to communicate in a concrete way that our home is an open house, and they are welcome here.

The bonus for me, is that once we've planned and prepared for Open House, I always feel ready for Christmas.

I lost an earring during the Open House while I was mixing up some juice. It fell out of my ear, travelled south and west (if my head were north, and my right side is east...) landing safely in the valley...

I had the presence of mind to refrain from digging for it until after the punch was stirred and I found the privacy of an empty room.

Thomas and Hillary have both gathered, and it's really nice to have some extra bodies in those empty rooms.

Also nice to hear interactive noises from the siblings.

Also nice to know the bus isn't coming at 7:45 in the morning for a couple of weeks.

We picked Thomas up from the bus yesterday at 5:30pm, and Hillary and I were able to convince the rest that they really wanted to have supper at Ikea. Besides having a lovely Salmon dinner and finding the candles I needed, it was very exciting to find 2 tall glass candle sticks that match the ones we bought there a few weeks ago. We broke one the other day, and were able to replace it with 2 for $7. (the original set of 3 cost $16, if I remember correctly...) That was exciting. It really takes very little to excite me.

I made the mistake of filling up one of my pretty, Thrift Store serving dishes with Christmas candy corn, Bridge Mix, and Smarties. I don't think the mixed nuts make up for the rest of it.

My second mistake was leaving it on the other end of the table from where I have the computer set up...

Made it through church intact this morning. The new bras have removable straps, and I was wondering how long it would take for one of them to come undone. Thankfully, they stayed together until after I got home.

It was fun to have a Sunday School Christmas program. Everyone did such a good job.

It really feels like the holiday has begun.

Open house is over. The School's Christmas concert is over. The Sunday School program is over.The baking is done. The shopping is done. The wrapping is done. The children have arrived.

It feels good.

Let the games begin.


  1. " the valley..." hahaha...oh man, I have no idea why that's so funny! After talking to Hillary the other night I think I'm in desperate need of some more feminine hang time!!

  2. Oh the IKEA dinner.... can there be a cheaper way to feed 4 kids? We'll drive across town just for that reason! Hey, if we throw some $$ your way and a SASE, would you be willing to stock up on the IKEA meatball sauce mix for us? It's just like what they serve, and as an added bonus, even though it says to use cream, you can use skim milk and nobody is the wiser!
    Hope y'all have a great Xmas in the field - perhaps you'll plan a working visit to PA around, oh, I dunno, Valentine's day tea? ;)
    Rob & Tracy

  3. You guys have tried that sauce?
    I love it at the restaurant and I saw the packets for sale there and mentioned it to Lauralea. I wanna try it sometime.

    We'd probably be able to hook you up.