Thursday, December 25, 2008

Um... Okay, I Was Just Teasing...

About "doing" Christmas the way we did once when the kids were all little?

And we opened presents in the afternoon after their naps?



And just because you were all up until after midnight...

Well, so was I.

So how come I'm the only one who woke up at 7:30?

Is it because I'm the only one who might have been motivated to make you fresh cinnamon buns when I got up?

Do you all instinctively know this and are sleeping now because you wanted to give me lots of time to get them mixed, rolled and rising in the oven?

Well, they're made. I'm sure they'll be baked before we're finished our "Ooh!"s and "Ahh!"s... so you can all wake up now!


Maybe I'll go have a shower...

This is the strangest Christmas yet!


  1. I got you beat! Naomi woke everbody up at 4:30....
    Blessings to you and yours today and always!!! Barb

  2. I was up at 6 and realized that with the little ones in the house, Santa had better come while they were still sleeping. so I got us and did the Santa thing and then went back to bed. Now it is time to pack up for going to Waskesiu.

    I bet your cinnamon buns are delicious. Wish we could come and steal some of them!

    Merry Christmas. Missing you guys a lot right now.

  3. I woke up and had nothing to do on Christmas morning. I sewed Gaylene a pair of pj that is a weird Christmas morning.....