Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inappropriate Behaviour?

It might have been... it was a funeral after all... but when the usher introduces you to the Funeral Director by saying, "This is our new pastor's wife"... I'm liable to say things like... "Yeah; you should have seen his other one."...


  1. Well, grammatically he was OK. It could have been worse as in "the Pastor's new wife>" :)

  2. See... it all depends on where you put the emphasis... "This is our new PASTOR'S WIFE" or "This is our NEW PASTOR'S wife"...

    Is what I'm sayin'...

    : )

  3. Ah, I am glad I read the comments. I was thinking, "well, that's fine. It's not like he said pastor's new wife", but now I understand. After reading your comment :)