Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oops. My Bad

The wind kicked up last night- HOWLING wind.


And round about the time the wind started to become noticable, I started to smell gas.

Not "Oh, man, what did you eat?!" gas,

But  natural gas.

We have, in the great room/ kitchen a natural gas fireplace, and a gas stove/oven.

For some reason I was connecting the smell with the fireplace, and wondered if the wind was doing a back draft kind of thing;

We ended up not worrying about it too much.

In the middle of the night I woke up, and thought the smell in that room was a little stronger, so I opened a couple of windows a bit, including our bedroom window.

The smell was still there this morning.

I opened the windows a little more.

Then I went about lining a cookie sheet with foil and opening the bacon I'd taken from the freezer before bed.

When I went to put the bacon in the oven (a great way to cook a pound of bacon) I realized the oven was still on...

I made peroghies for supper, and when the first panful were fried I put them on a plate in the oven, which I set to "warm".

I forgot to turn it off...

So, yeah.

I suppose that could have caused, over the course of an evening, the kitchen to smell increasingly like gas...

At least the house is getting a good airing out.

And at least it's still freakishly warm enough to even have the windows open...

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  1. Hey, Lauralea- natural gas? - aren't you cooking with natural gas? just ajoke