Thursday, January 22, 2009

So Low

Well, "Solo"... 

As in "Going Solo", which is what I started to call this post...

I drove into Wetaskiwin today for a lunch date. 

I've got another one tomorrow. Two in a row! 

: )

Today wasn't the best day for driving to town, but I did alright. In spite of the lack of winter highway driving I've done in the past few years.

There were a couple of icy spots, and for much of the way there was snow blowing across the road, but I got there, and found my friend, and even found the bank on the way to Safeway afterward.

I also noted that this is the first time since we've inhabited the house in the field that we've made more than one trip to town in a single day.

Randall had a 10:00 meeting this morning, and mine was at 1:00; and while I was willing to catch a ride with him and find something to do until my date, I wasn't comfortable with making him wait around all afternoon for me to be finished.

So, he did his thing this morning, then I took the van back in for the afternoon.

He's there again tonight, but he caught a ride with another guy going to the same meeting, so the van's resting. 

That's all I've got for today, actually.

I was mostly just checking in so you wouldn't worry. 

I'm going down to say goodnight to Micah now, and then I'm off to get ready for bed before I'm tempted to spew anymore drivel onto the interweb.


  1. Keep on spewing - thought maybe your secret security detail was just keeping your public admirers at bay. Maybe if they get to be too big a hassle tell them to step outside into the winter so you can have a private moment - or bribe them with cinnamon buns to let you go on the internet to speak to your fans.

    Drive safely, First Lady of the Manse. Oh, yeah, I bet those secret service guys would be handy if you ever got stuck in a ditch.

  2. Another reason I'd be a terrible "First Lady"; I'd be forever under the kitchen staff's feet, making them all annoyed. I'm sure it's not proper protocol for the President's wife to cook the meal when Ambassadors come for dinner. Although it might be a refreshing change for everyone! Can you imagine a White House Aid popping into the Oval Office with tea and cookies freshly baked by the First Lady? I predict that tough negotiations would go much more smoothly over coffee and fresh, hot cinnamon buns.

    : )