Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Come On Baby, Light My Fire

I woke up this morning to that (now) unmistakable smell of gas.

I immediately suspected the oven, since that was the culprit last time and I had left The Boys on their own for supper with a frozen pizza to bake.

But it wasn't the oven.

Next I checked the fireplace.

I was sure I couldn't see the pilot light, so,  wondering if it had gone out, I flipped the switch to the "all the way on" setting.

No fire.

Deciding that this must indeed be the problem, I flipped the switch to "all the way off", just in case.

Next, having determined last night that French Toast would turn his crank, I set about making Micah's breakfast.

Now it was the stove.

Much hissing, but no sparks.

I had to light the burners myself.

So, with windows open to clear the room (and  my head) and matches at the ready, and with an extra sweater over my pajamas,  and with Micah in transit for school, it's time to make my breakfast.

Charlie! Light a match!

*Edit: looks like the pilot lights for the fireplace, oven and stove were all out. Randall got the fireplace going again, but it will take a little more investigation to figure out the cooker. Haven't checked the clothes dryer or things like the hot water heater in the basement yet. Oh, the joy.

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  1. And? You are still here? Hoping so.

    Wonder if the wind sometimes blows these things out?