Monday, February 23, 2009

*Cue The Flushing Toilet

Today feels like somewhat of a washout.

I woke up around 3:00 am for the usual reasons, but couldn't get completely back to sleep.

There's nothing more irritating than feeling absolutely beyond tired, but hearing the cuckoo clock squawking out every hour and half hour. Just to rub it in.

Then, when you do sort of doze off, it's only to be rudely reminded by the alarm clock that it's time to be awake for real.

And so, after 4 good hours and 3.5 fitful ones of sleep, I got up and took my iron pill, made Micah's breakfast and lunch, saw him off to school, took my diabetes medication, ate a banana and a bit of cereal, and headed back to join the Slumbering Spouse.

It took another hour to really fall asleep... and by then it was closer to 10:00 am.

I woke up at 1:00... and again at 2:00.

So, it's been a strange, lost day.

The rest of the week is quickly filling up, which makes today probably the only day I really could have had "off".

But it does go against my grain. And I do tend to be annoyed that I "lost" the better part of the day.

Especially when I still feel tired.

Maybe I'll ask the Doctor about that tomorrow... unless extreme fatigue and anaemia will hurt my chances of "passing" the medical for my driver's license.

In which case I'll keep my mouth shut.

Sweet dreams.



  1. You've had so many days in which you had 55 loads of laundry washed dried on the line and put away, bread and cinnamon buns baked, and the kitchen recovered from the event all before the rest of us manage a shower and breakfast. I think you can call this a comp day!