Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Think The Frozen Outside Is Affecting My Brain


That's it.

I've got brain freeze.

Or I'm just still tired.

I asked the Doctor how long it would take to feel better. Less tired. Normal again.

Months, he said.


That didn't thrill the cockles of my heart.

On a brighter note, there's no school tomorrow so we can sleep in. Well, Micah and I at any rate.

And Hillary and Thomas are coming home tomorrow.

That will be fun.

As soon as I get the beds remade and the floors vacuumed. I should probably give the bathrooms a once over as well.

Ah, well.

This too shall pass.

And at least I have a comfortable bed to sleep in.

And at least I know why I've been so freaking tired. And slightly depressed (although that's quite a bit better). And experiencing periodic insomnia.

Some fun things to look forward to tomorrow. That shall be the carrot I dangle before my generally unmotivated nose.


  1. I'll clean the bathtub, after all, I'm the only one using it lately.

  2. How often do you clean stuff? maybe that can be let go a bit. This health stuff sure puts a damper on life, doesn't it? I'm there, too, girl. Hope it's better SOONER than months. Take care.