Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Was Never Very Good At High Jump

The first wave of Easterners has come and gone, leaving coffee beans, orange tea and fermented grape juice in their wake.

Not to mention a certain wee lass.

I can't begin to say how good it was to see them again. How humbled and loved I feel to have friends who would drive 13 hours just to see where I live! Well, to see me and Ikea.

It was good.

I think I can honestly say, that these are some of the best friends I've had.


And for me, the proof of it is in the easy, relaxed manner with which they came into my house; I didn't feel awkward or as if I had to entertain them. I didn't feel anxious about being the first one up in the morning. They made themselves quite at home and it was all good.

We had a wonderful day out at Ikea, and spent a couple of really nice evenings catching up.

As far as being guests go, they set the bar quite high.

When I get my ever elusive motivation rounded up, I'll get the rest of the beds made in preparation for round 2 of the Winter Break Week company.

It's nice to have a house that's conducive to company. It will be nice to catch up with a few more friends from away.

I'm so glad they came.

I'm so glad they're coming.


  1. I'm so jealous they are coming - and not me. One of these days...

  2. Lauralea, we came to see YOU. IKEA was just a bonus. (Although it feels like less of a bonus now as I try to assemble the blankety-blank tables I bought. Grrrr.)

  3. : )

    Mine was easily tightened up! The dent is close to the wall, and it hardly shows.

    : )

  4. Words can hardly describe the atmosphere in your new home! It was so relaxed and welcoming. I felt like it was my house, too. (I wish) Now that we know the way, it won't be too long before we meet again. Thank you so much for the awesome meals and amazing visit, my dear friend!