Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sure. Kick Me When I'm Down

Just doing a little research before I put the kettle on...

One of the "notices" on the bottle of iron supplement declares that they should not be taken with coffee or tea.

This site is actually one of the clearest I've come across. It does, however, make me more than a little sad...

"Coffee interferes with the absorption of iron. However, moderate intake of coffee (4 cups per day) may not adversely affect risk of iron-deficiency anemia when the diet contains adequate amounts of iron and vitamin C. Black tea contains tannins that strongly inhibit the absorption of non-heme iron. In fact, this iron-blocking effect is so effective that drinking black tea can help treat hemochromatosis, a disease of iron overload. Consequently, people who are iron deficient should avoid drinking tea."


I don't suppose that could have contributed to becoming anaemic...

My day just got grayer.


  1. That is interesting considering my recent interest in tea.

    But my question is if this a well kept secret. 16 months ago when I was hospitalized, fighting an infection, requiring transfusions to help fight because my blood's ability was inadequate partially because of low iron, the tea was ample. No one told me to hold off on it or restricted me from having it.

    I guess I better start searching for a preferred herbal tea. I'll miss my earl grey.

  2. I hear ya, Jay.

    On the basis of such Internet information and the label on the pill bottle, I'll be going cold turkey for... I guess 3 months at least.

    After that, if there's not an additional reason for the iron deficiency, I'll probably have to continue with a tea (at least) reduced existence.


  3. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (And I'm sure even Marc would use multiple exclamation marks after hearing that.)

  4. If it is the tannins in the tea, how about herbal teas? They really are not "tea" so maybe they would be fine.

    Maybe just do the raw liver thing instead of the iron pills? :)

  5. ...and lots of spinach too! (high in non-heme iron: heme=blood, so heme iron is from animals)

    As for the tea, I am NOT a herbal tea drinker, but have really enjoyed Bengal Spice (lipton?) and Vanilla Rooibos (starbucks Tazo) are favorites of mine these days (Bengal is just a combo of spices, so no tea at all, and typically Rooibos has about 1/10 the tannins of regular tea). Both of these teas satisfy me as much as a good cup of earl grey, and WAY more than the fruity/flowery herbals.

  6. Yes, this deserves some exclamation point abuse. This is the kind of thing that I dread my doctor telling me. I'd give up anything but tea.

    I'm so sorry.