Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And The Beep Goes On

I'm playing a kind of "staring contest" game with Micah's alarm clock...

Some time before 8:30 this morning, (long after he'd actually left for school...) his alarm went off.

It's been set to beep, apparently, with what musicians might call a built in crescendo application.

Around 9:00 it reached what seems to be top volume.

And so it continues.

Will I snap before it turns itself off?

Am I able to ignore the beep _ beep _ beep_ beep_ beep _ beep _ beep _ beep _ beep... which, consequently, beeps at the same rate as the cursor pulses....

Will I go down and reset that alarm for something like 2:41 am?

Time _ will _ tell _ beep _ beep _ beep _ beep _ beep

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