Monday, March 2, 2009

Mama Mia, Here I Go Again

It's too late to be doing this, but the blog-guilt has won out;

It's a full week for us.

Some of it good, some not so good

The College Kids have been home since Friday night.

That's been good.

Tonight the Men went to town to meet Church Men for supper. A Meat Meet, or something.

So this afternoon, when Randall went to try to get the vehicle insurance figured out once more, Hillary and I went along and got dropped off at Safeway. Just to pick up a few fun things. Like Shrimp. And bean sprouts. And colourful peppers.

While they (Our Men-folk) were gone this evening, we (the Women-folk) had a good time cooking and watching movies together. I must say our made-up shrimp stir-fry and citrus-spinach salad was quite exceptional, and both Peter Pan and Mama Mia were very fun. We may get to watch Mama Mia again, as Randall seemed quite sad to miss it, claiming he had wanted to watch it this week while Hillary was home.

That was very good.

Tomorrow we're off to Calgary for a memorial service for my Brother's baby who died unexpectedly. He was only about 7 weeks old, and I hadn't been down to meet him yet.

That's the not so good thing.

Downright terrible, actually.

Wednesday might involve a family mini trip to Edmonton before taking Hillary to the plane. It's been really nice having her home, and I wish she could have stayed a couple days longer. But she's a most conscientious student and needs to be back before Sunday.

That (supper together and a bit of fun on the way to the airport) is a good thing.

There are also two school fundraisers this weekend, with opportunities to hear both Micah's school band and the high school band play.

That's a good thing.

And yeah.

It's 11:30. Half an hour before I turn into a pumpkin.

And here I go again, being up far too late.

Not so good.

Ah, well.

That's life.

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