Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shoo Fly Pie

It's been a long, long week, on many fronts.

Over a month ago the Doctor wanted a certain lab test done. I wrapped that one up this morning, but it was a three day affair and I wasn't allowed to take any anti-inflammatory pain killers for a week before it started. (also no red meat or citrus fruit for three days before and during...)

Made for an achy week.

Especially considering the new Chiropractor's diagnosis: rotator cuff injury and muscle damage/ strain.

So, I celebrated the end of the lab test this morning by having half a grapefruit with my toast.

With a muscle pain pill and an ibuprofen for dessert.

Followed by a nap before supper.

It was a good day.

: )


  1. Makes me glad I don't work at the post office if you can mail that stuff.... :P

  2. I had to do a similar test once, and it is not pleasant having to collect and then take a small sample of said collection. I never thought of a pie plate, I used a large ziplock bag...haha.

  3. I celebrate with you that it's in the past!
    It's hard to believe you actually took a nap...good deal!