Saturday, March 28, 2009

What's New In MY Zoo?

Meh, not much.


I moved the white bookshelf out of the kitchen. (for those of you who have been here, and remember the tall white bookshelf with my millions of cookbooks and some odds and ends of crockery on it)

We bought this cool, sort of funky, sort of different for us- dare I say almost classy ? centerpiece for the dining room table. Well, kitchen table, as we don't have a separate dining room.

It's very interesting; a solid looking, but nicely shaped square glass vase from Ikea, and 3... 5 inch? solid green glass balls that we stacked up inside the vase.

Looks a little more up market than we usually tend toward...

And I've been thinking all week that the full bookshelf just looked a little too cluttered in comparison.

So at first I was going to get another bookshelf for the sun room and de-clutter the kitchen shelves, but

I decided to just move the books, shelf and all.

I put the second round, black iron table in the corner with the green, leafy ivy on it.

Looks good.


I started going to Sunday School last week... I'm probably committed now... it still allows for a bit of a lie-in, but not as much as before. It's just as well. It's not good to drop one's routine on the weekend. Messes one up for a few days into the week.


Still haven't talked Randall into buying a certain table at the antique store in town. I've suggested it for my birthday at the end of April... but I may be opting for plane fare to Yellowknife instead.


I've decided to definitely go to conference with Himself, also at the end of April. My birthday weekend, as it happens.  I'm going to try to ferry myself (with a little help from BC Ferries) over to Victoria to spend a day with my friend and her family. I've also got a beautiful married daughter who's hoping to take a day off so we can hang out together. I am, as well, hoping to find a place, so that all of my near and dear from near and far who happen to be in Surrey for the conference can join us for coffee or drinks to help celebrate my birthday. So, yeah. I'm going to conference... but maybe not really going to conference so much...


I found a chiropractor that seems to be helping my shoulder. He's no Dr. Boden, but he'll do. After a week and 3 treatments it's noticeably better.


I'm drinking tea this morning... let's just say that maybe I'm a reformed tea drinker... (1 bag for 2 large mugs of tea, and after steeping for 5 minutes I removed the bag from the pot). I miss my good, strong, sweetened black tea with cream. I don't indulge nearly enough anymore. I think this is only the 4th time I've made black tea for myself in 7 weeks, since I got the anaemia diagnosis and went on the iron pills. I've found some really nice rooibos teas though. Plain Red Bush tea is, in fact, a fairly decent substitute for my normal morning cuppa. I've also been introduced to some splendid flavoured rooibos teas, including a rooibos chai (which was excellent with milk and a bit of sweetener) and my favourite, Thai Lemon Ginger Rooibos. So, there is life after tea.



I have any number of projects on the go. It's only just after 11:00... I could probably make one of the skirts I bought fabric for last night (at WalMart! Apparently the Wetaskiwin WalMart is showing no signs of phasing out it's fabric department yet) and maybe even a new blouse to go with it. I don't have to cook until supper time... (Randall and I had ham and egg sandwiches an hour ago, and Micah's doing the 30 hour fast...) so you never know.

Or, I could put in a movie that only I like to watch and try to finish the prayer shawl I've been working on...

And it looks like an open window kind of day.


What's new in YOUR Zoo?


  1. So, I assume the old bookshelf is now residing in the sunroom? You should have a picture taken and posted of the funky-ness. I'd like to see it.
    We had a very large melting day yesterday, lakes are at every corner and I'm lovin it! There even was that strange sound of honking to the north, I think it's finally arriving!

  2. Yes, I'm working on some sewing too. Bought the pattern, now just have to find where I put the fabric away so that I could find it easily.

  3. My zoo--my car was t-boned 3 weeks ago, written off, so I'm car shopping and doing physio, massage, chiro for minor whiplash. The worst part is I can't sing yet! And Sarah comes home for the summer the end of April. Yay! Sean is staying in Stoon to work. Still miss you guys, but we're doing okay at Gateway. Take care.