Friday, April 17, 2009

Bachelor(ette) Party

Randall and Micah left late this morning to make a Sexsmith run.

Hillary and Thomas are finished their college year this weekend, and their stuff needs a ride home. We figure it's probably just as cost effective to drive up and get them as it would be to pay for extra luggage on the bus. At $25 a box/ suitcase it adds up pretty quickly.

Deciding that there would be more room for junk if I didn't go along, (and keeping in mind that my shoulder has been giving me rotten sleeps for the past month making the prospect of sharing Hillary's bed again fairly unappetizing) I'm staying home.

So, I'm hanging out here. I met a friend in town for lunch and then checked in with the chiropractor. After three? no four pit stops I was on my way home to an evening of TCM and sewing.

Looking forward to the day off tomorrow. I did all my chores yesterday so I wouldn't have any arm wrenching activities to do after the chiropractor, which leaves the day mostly free and clear.

Maybe I'll make a big batch of turkey soup. Maybe I'll drive over to Camrose. Maybe I'll just sleep til noon and then lounge around in my pajamas all day.

I like the sound of that last one...

And so for now,

Let the party begin.


  1. Enjoy, enjoy the solice...the feeding of your soul in whatever way you see fit - I am envious with my busy house this weekend.

    My heart smiles for you.

  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine?

    Are you having someone drop by to do acupuncture?

    Maybe that's just my job talking...

  3. TCM= Turner Classic Movies...

    : )