Saturday, May 23, 2009

Swing Therapy

As we were sitting on the porch swing last night with our coffee, I admitted that I still feel a little lost.

I'm still trying to figure out how to BE here.

There are any number of things I could DO, but I don't quite know how to BE.

An encouraging discussion followed. One conclusion: in order to BE you have to take time to feed your soul.

I confessed that sitting outside on the swing listening to the birds and frogs is something that feeds my soul, and said, half in jest, that maybe I should just make a point of going out three times a day to sit. And listen, and breathe.

This morning, being the only one up, I did just that.

I took my tea, after breakfast, loaded the cushions on the swing and just sat.

The sun was very warming, the breeze was fresh, the tea was heartening. The birds were magnificent. The flies were buzzing to beat the band. The grass was just started to smell like grass should smell when it's all hot from the sun.

And I pushed the swing back and forth...

I have thought, in the past, that a good cure for what ails me might be a month long cruise, but I'm wondering...

The only thing that a cruise ship has that my porch swing in the field can't offer is 24 hour buffet service that I don't have to cook myself.

Maybe swing therapy will be my objective this summer.

As long as I can deal with the passing of (seemingly) unproductive time.

Consider it the Soul Feeding Hour.

Three times a day.


  1. I love to sit out on my decrepit deck with a coffee and read, but mostly just sit. Even if it's cooler, I put on warmer clothes and go out. No porch swing though.
    I believe it does feed my soul. A wonderful time to just 'listen'.

  2. Oh, I believe in porch swing therapy. I have always wanted one, but still don't have one.

  3. Soul feeding time is a nice idea. I could do with some of that, and not dark thoughts/sad memories time instead, which I have to steer carefully clear of.