Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why Is It

That getting 2 week's worth of groceries is so doggone draining?

It could be the SuperStore. I really don't like going there. I think it's the lighting, and the big warehouse feel of the place. Cost-Co does the same thing to me. I can only take those places every once in awhile and in small doses, so a long stop for all the groceries is never great fun.

I suppose the chiropractic treatment immediately before the drive to Camrose might have contributed to the fatigue as well.

The Chiropractor is off for a week, and it feels like he gave me an extra measure of physio-type stretches and pummels to make up for it. (or I'm just feeling it more as I haven't been there for awhile)


Groceries are bought.

The Men will have many options for feeding themselves while I'm gone to Saskatoon next week. And it was enough work thinking through their choices and pushing them around in the cart for nearly 2 hours... and subsequently sorting things out and repackaging and labelling meat etc.,... that when they have to cook it for themselves I don't think I'll even feel sorry for them.

And now the day is done, and I heard Randall say something about a movie, so I'm off to get my knitting and join the male contingent in the lower regions for some R & R.

And then bed.


  1. I remember buying groceries that way. When you live out of town it is just part of the deal. But, at least you don't have to do it again for awhile. Maybe.

  2. Yeah. At least a week and a half...

    Isn't that the worst of it? You think about it for a couple of days, then you go get it, which takes at least a couple of hours, then you bring it home and spend another couple of hours putting it away. Then you STILL have to cook it and clean up after it.

    One of my kids went through a "eating is such a waste of time. If I didn't HAVE to eat to live, I wouldn't bother" phase.

    I think they had it right. Maybe eating isn't a waste of time, but it sure is a time-sucker.

    But, yeah. I should be covered until I get back from Saskatoon- even with weekend company in tow.