Saturday, June 13, 2009

Because It Really Is All About Me

Thomas is the sleeping-in son this morning and Micah the one who was up for work.

Now, being a "Stay-At-Home-Mom" (I've added "Semi-Retired" to the front of that this year) I figure it's not unreasonable to be up with those members of my household who are getting ready for work or school.

Often I make them breakfast and/or lunch, but sometimes I just sit with them and give them a sense of community so they don't feel like they're the only one in the world who has to be up and working.

Anyway, Micah is working today. "Casual Farm Labourer" is how I told him to describe it when he was filling out the work experience portion of some forms this week. Randall had to get up to drive him, so that made 1/2 of the family (besides me) up and about this morning.

I woke up (before the alarm) and set about cooking bacon in the oven, and thawing frozen orange juice and cooking frozen hash brown patties and over-easy eggs. Bacon and eggs for Micah, a couple of bacon sandwiches and fresh ground coffee for Randall.

Thomas' bacon is waiting for him. I foresee a bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich for his lunch.

Doesn't that make me look nice and noble? On Friday morning, after a very short night, I got up to sit with Thomas before he went to work. On Saturday morning I got up to make bacon and eggs, hash browns and orange juice, fresh ground coffee and toast for all the working people.


That's me.

Giving, generous, selfless.

Except that Friday morning I couldn't sleep, so I thought I might as well get up, and last night I decided I would like to have bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Since I was going to do eggs for me and I can't eat a pound of bacon by myself, I made breakfast for everyone else too.

: )

Um... scratch that.

Let's go back to selfless and noble.

It looks better on my resume.

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