Thursday, June 18, 2009


"Wasn't this empty?" (Thomas, overheard in the kitchen, speaking of the skim milk carton)

"I don't know." (Micah, replying to Thomas)

"Yeah. I emptied it yesterday, remember? I poured it out on my cereal."

(Will he just think he emptied it and carry on, or will he remember that he really DID empty it and come to interrogate me... asking awkward questions... figuring out that maybe I mixed up 6 cups of skim milk from powder and put it in the empty carton...)

It was just one of those days, that's all.

No one felt like going to town. Randall was behind, so he needed to be in the office. I didn't feel like going out either. So, you  make do.

The empty milk carton was filled with reconstituted milk.

The rhubarb pie became rhubarb upside down cake with custard sauce when it was discovered that there was no lard to make pie crust.

No big.

In fact, I kind of like the challenge of "making do". Adds a bit of excitement.

Let's go see how we can "make do" today...

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  1. I'm still learning how to 'make do' since coming to the does have it's challenges that's for sure! 'Specially if you have no meat...then it's pancakes/waffles (my hubby still wants meat though). I always try and have some of those mini sausages in the freezer...and those cans of potatoes come in handy every once in awhile...