Saturday, June 20, 2009

The New Location Is Fine

Absolutely fine.

Long, long ago Randall had an idea about getting a little writing desk that would fit in the "bayed" window in the sitting room on the main floor.

We went looking at various antique shops and Ikea... and that's when I fell in love with the "library table" that he eventually bought for me.

We put it in the bay window, fulfilling the original vision.

Last week we also expanded our furniture department by purchasing a china cabinet. (that's another story)

In the course of washing china and organizing the cabinet, I ended up de-cluttering the kitchen/dining room, and decided to move my computer from it's usual place on the kitchen table.

I relocated it to the library table under the window in the sitting room as a temporary measure. I was concerned of the possibility of heat damage to the wood surface from the bottom of the laptop, so I wasn't thinking  this would be a permanent move.

I've decided, however, that sitting here, facing the trees at the front of the house, with the windows on either side of me open to bird song and the breeze is so pleasant that it far outweighs the inconvenience of having the computer off most of the day.

To which end, I may just leave it here, on this table, and turn it on when I want to write or check email or make a fabulous Facebook Scrabble move.

That breeze IS completely delicious.

And the grass was cut today, so it smells marvelous too.

Beatrix Potter may have had the Lake District... but if that was heaven, this is pretty close.

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