Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poor Blighter

A brightly coloured, red-headed bird was just trying to break in.

A Sapsucker, if the pictures in the Field Guide are any indication (either a red-naped or yellow-bellied, I'm not 100% sure, although I think his head was a little more pointy like the yellow-bellied).

I heard him before I saw him; a strange drumming sound close by. When I started looking for the source of the sound, I noticed a blur of brown.

He's tried a window frame by the kitchen, two of the sun-room window frames, the corner of the house and the swing's metal frame, but he's just not having any luck with the hard, metallic "wood" on this huge "tree".

Oh- he's settled on the other side of the fireplace- right on the edge of the open window. I think he's definitely a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

He's over at the church having a go on the corner of Randall's office now. I don't think he'll fare much better on the stuccoed wall, but maybe it's wood underneath...

Pretty, but only bright in the colour department.

Find a tree, little Sapsucker! It's not like there aren't any around!

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  1. That sucker, I mean sapsucker had better not get into the church!!!!