Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We May Be An Old, Childless Couple Next Week

I know some would argue against "old",

But it looks like it's shaping up for both Micah and Thomas to be gone next week.

I'm wondering what that will look like...

I will probably turn my alarm off and spend the week sleeping in.

Beyond that, I'm interested to see who we'll be with no kinder in the house.

I don't suppose it will feel much different to me, except for mornings and supper time. I'm usually shuffling around the kitchen by 7:00 am or so directing the breakfast traffic and making lunches.

And supper continues to be a family, sit down meal, so it will be a little quieter with just the two of us.

But, it might be nice.

I guess we'll see!


  1. I does take a little getting used to, but since you guys are already friends it should be a lot easier than otherwise.


  2. now you can eat supper naked! :)

    oh my...did I just say that outloud??

  3. (It's OK. I was probably thinking it...)