Friday, June 5, 2009

The Words Of The Day

Are Retreat and Ferritin.

Going on, and needing more of, respectively.

Having failed my last blood test... well- I suppose that's not strictly true: my actual iron count was higher, but he also tested my "ferritin" level and that I failed.

Normal/acceptable ferritin levels are (whatever the numbers mean) in the "20"'s. My Internet research tells me that numbers between 20 and 50 are good.

Mine was 5.

I think it just means that when the iron in my blood was gone, I tapped into the iron reserves that are floating around in there attached to this ferritin. Having depleted all the stored iron, I crapped out.

So, my actual iron was, (I think he said) 126, which was up a little from 3 months ago.

Now we have to get it up enough to show that the ferritin is where it should be, to indicate (I'm presuming) that I've built up some reserves again.

If you're a medical professional, feel free to correct and enlighten me if I've got it wrong.

The pharmacist suggested switching from the 300 mg Ferrous Sulphate (which she said was about 10% actual iron) to 300 mg Palafer Iron, which is supposed to be about 30% actual iron.

So, now it's a month of 300 mg Palafer Iron, three times a day, then another blood test, and then the Palafer Iron two times a day for awhile.

This is tiresome on SO many levels.

Hopefully the Women's Retreat this weekend will be restful and not more draining. I do find it hard to go to bed early enough when games are being played and good times are being had by all.

I don't think I'm wishing for a dull weekend... just the strength of character to do what's right.


  1. Are your new iron pills green?I guess they are colored a certain way so the pharmacist can tell the difference. The green ones were the ones I was taking waaayy back when my iron checked around 3. Really low!
    Hope you start feeling better!

  2. Nope. First ones were red tablets. These are red, powder filled capsules.