Friday, July 3, 2009

Let There Be Life!

I gave the "garden" a bit of water when I went out for rhubarb this morning and I saw 3 cucumber plants poking through.

Well... one and 2 halves.

The one was definitely a cucumber- two sturdy leaves well above ground.

The two halves were only half up- the merest hint of a green leaf trying to poke through. But they were in the right place, following the row nicely, so I'm going to believe they were also cucumber plants making a valiant effort to push their way through.

And between the football game in the next room and the song bird in the back hedge, I'd take the song bird, except that I'm supposed to be keeping an eye on the game so I can text my absent men the score.

I'd mute the television, but then I'd not hear the obnoxious screaming and cheers when Saskatchewan scores... and I take my glasses off to see the computer screen, so I need the elevated crowd noises to notify me that there has been a change in someone's fortunes.

They seem to get pretty excited about interceptions too.


T.V. turned down a bit.


Back to reality.

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  1. A nice observation. Football is definitely not comparable with real life.