Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick


Nearly 3:30 pm...

I've been up for five and a half hours...

(It was a late night- Good, but late)

There's a pot-luck after church tomorrow,

The house could use a sweep and a tidy,

The plants need watering,

And although the breakfast/lunch dishes have been cleaned up I really should be in the kitchen doing something toward a contribution to the gathering tomorrow.


I just don't feel like it.

I don't suppose the jazz music on the stereo is helping...

At least I thought of something to make for the lunch shower tomorrow that doesn't require getting properly dressed to go for groceries. I'm sure this is why I over-stocked the pantry last month.

It also doesn't help that the sun is shining in beside me here at the computer. I opened the window behind me so there's the perfect balance of hot sun and cool breeze.

I think I'd rather curl up in the corner over there and finish my book.

Maybe that should be the carrot I dangle before my mulish apathy...

1 comment:

  1. Just remember its a potluck not a meal where you are the caterer. Slide your mac and cheese in beside someone else's fancy dish and you should have it made!

    I just threw together a pot of chili. I have no idea who is going to be here for lunch but it is Kieran's B Day celebration this afternoon at Little Red and so I could have 5 or 10. The luck in this meal will be if I made enough.