Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And One Thing Leads To Another

I started the day off with raspberry picking.

Came away with nearly 4 ice cream pails full; very exciting.

I've set them in the root cellar until I can clean and bag them for freezing.

But, before they can be frozen, there needs to be room in the already-full-of-Nanking Cherries-and-Saskatoons freezer.

Or I can plug in the freezer that's sitting in the garage.

The freezer which my Ever Lovin' Husband says I said I'd clean if we brought it with us.

Now, previously, when I came in from berry picking, I changed out of my muddy, berry-picking jeans, leaving a bit of a mess on our bathroom floor.

Having decided that I'd vacuum that floor after supper, it seemed reasonable to just do the whole main floor while I had the vacuum hose out. I'd need the equipment to suck the bugs off the bottom of the garage freezer anyway.

One stone...all those birds...

So, floors and carpets clean and freezer vacuumed, it only remained to clean the thing which I did, if I may say so myself, with the ingenuity of a short person.

First I called Micah to get the 2 liquid Freezies, the twist tie and the clipped ends of a couple of vegetable bags off the bottom.

Then, armed with an ice cream pail 1/3 full of hot water and vinegar and the string mop that I use for cleaning the tub surround, I cleaned that thing.

I had to borrow a clip hanger from one of my skirts so that I could make an arm extension for a towel so I could get all the inside of the freezer quite dry,

Now I'll end the day off by plugging it in so it's ready for the raspberries I started the day off with.

A good day, but a long day.

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  1. sounds like a great day, productive, full of ingenuity and the fruits of hard labour :)