Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It Must Be Time For Bed

I'm sitting at the little table in the sun room

Minding my own business

Just checking the email and catching up on my Scrabble games.

And then the coyotes start to make a ruckus.

And then the skunk smell starts drifting in the open window.

And then it's The Attack of the Killer Moths.

Well... I'm sure they're not killers, but they could be, if they were of such a mind.

After being dive bombed by 4 of the huge beasts, I'm all spooked out.

And I keep hearing little thumping noises, as if there are many, many more large, gray, hummingbird-sized moths bumping against the windows trying to get in... or out...

Time to shut down the computer, turn off the light that gives them motivation to wiggle through the gaps beside the air conditioner,

And escape from this freaky, flying hoard.

1 comment:

  1. you definitely need to get that children's book written...and maybe do a collection of them! Your so descriptive, you draw me right into your moment. Makes me smile...and keep on smiling every time I think of or see moths and those other two critters as well.