Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And Just Like That *snap* It's Gone

Looks like summer may really be done.

One late September day it's 33 degrees above zero and too hot to cook

And the next it's barely 5 and the thermostat regulated gas fireplace is kicking in, and I'm walking around the house wearing a sweater over my sweater.

I was a little suspicious yesterday when about a million geese were beating a hasty retreat in a southward direction.


I think summer's done.

Happily for Micah, the kitchen with the oven on is a very cozy place to be. He got ginger snaps and oatmeal cookies out of it last night.

I really do prefer colder days that are conducive to thick soup, fresh bread and warm desserts. Rather steamy comfort food than steamy uncomfortable days.

I like hot showers in the morning better than cooling off showers at night.

I'd rather have the weight and cozy factor of two thick blankets than need a sheet and a blowing ceiling fan.

I still maintain that you can always add another layer but there's only so much you can take off in polite society.

So, let's raise a cup of spiced cider to Autumn.

Long may you be with us.


  1. Mmmmm...I love autumn too, especially the food. Yesterday was the first autumn stew-in-a-crock pot, and many more of my supper plans now include the oven :)

  2. This was the best post ever!

    You descriptors make everything sound so cozy. Now I want it to be winter and summer all at the same time.


    Tomorrow I will go get some taco seasoning and make a new soup recipe I found (I have every ingredient for it but the taco seasoning, which I've never bought before) and will make some buns. And probably some cookies too.

    I'd do it all today, but if I go crazy now that I have a little energy back, I'll be sick again by tomorrow.

    Hope you have a nice cozy day. I was telling someone about how you read Micah all of the Harry Potter books and it reminded me of you reading me the first chapter when I was visiting. That was the best. :)

  3. haha i remember that... :) also i agree, id rather be colder than hotter.