Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Update

I did a bit of, what I called, a home improvement project this morning while Randall was out.

Basically reorganized the front room/sitting room/ parlour... I like it better, but I don't think he's convinced.

The leaves are certainly turning yellow. There's quite a sprinkling of them on the lawns as well. That, together with the hoards of flying geese this morning, make me think that winter is truly on its way.

It's cooler today, which is a good thing. I'm still wearing shorts, but I've had to don a sweater over the tank top. My fingers and toes want to be cold.

The problem with having the Doctor send me for blood tests to gage the level of  inflammation in my  joints rather than pooh-pooh-ing my aches and telling me to suck it up, is that it tends to give me permission to feel the aches more.

I think I may have enough preserving projects pending to keep me busy well into the New Year. At the rate I'm going. Good thing I got that freezer running, and that for the most part, production can be frozen.

Frozen assets.

That's what the apples, cherries, plums, raspberries, rhubarb and saskatoons in the garage freezer are.

I'm signed up for a Quilt Sampler class in Camrose. One Saturday morning a month we'll learn to make quilt blocks. A different one each month, is my understanding. Should be fun.

Still haven't heard from the publisher. I think the ("don't expect a reply before") 16 weeks are about up. Any time now. Getting nervous.

I moved my computer table, so now when I hear church-ward noises I have to turn completely around to see what's going on. I could become a lot less nosy.

I think I may go find a napping place.

Or choose something to go with coffee at the meeting on Monday night. We're taking Micah to town tonight for his start-up Youth event, and I won't necessarily want to go back again for supplies this weekend.

Or see if anyone's made a move on my Facebook Scrabble games...


  1. Hey you did your turn after writing this, didn't you? :)

  2. I would SO love to be in a quilting class where you learn a block a month. I'm a quilter wanna-be. Once a month is about my speed. Enjoy!