Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There's A Long, Long Trail A Winding

Between The Field and Wetaskiwin.

Between The Field and Anywhere, actually.

This means that sometimes  you just spend all morning in town.

I sucked it up yesterday, and phoned the Clinic to make an appointment with the Doctor, who is usually booked up for several weeks at a time.

They had a couple of openings this morning, in fact, so I trundled off to the Big W for a 10:30 appointment.

Which resulted in a new blood test requisition form and a referral to Dr. Oad.

Since I was in town, and Randall didn't have a pressing need for the vehicle, I went over to the Hospital for the blood work.

As an aside, that was one of the things that surprised me a bit about Wetaskiwin: there seems to be just the one lab in town, and that at the hospital.

Yesterday was a busy day, I heard the lab technician telling someone, so many of yesterday's people decided to come back today, resulting in hour-plus waits for some. I was lucky. It only took 55 minutes to get called to the big white chair in the back.

Good thing I had my trusty Sudoku and the talkative Vicky (who sat beside me) to pass the time.

After the lab I checked out the meat sale at Sobeys, then came home to repackage the warehouse packs of pork and beef roasts.

Ah, yes.

One of those long days that feels so unproductive. I was just glad I had time to get the bedding washed and in the dryer before I left this morning. At least we'll have clean sheets tonight.

And tomorrow I'll start again.

Maybe some bread making. Maybe I'll tackle one of the produce projects in the root cellar.

I can't say The Field is boring!

There's always something to do.

If one has the motivation.


  1. There's only one lab here in New West, too. Everyone gets the lab requests from their doctor and has to drop by (or call and make an appointment) at the lab. Thankfully it's closer to our house than the doctor's office, so it's not a hassle.

  2. I know...that long drive does deter one from going to town. I put it off as long as I can and then try to stock up so I don't have to go back so soon...but something always comes up and I do...