Thursday, October 29, 2009

All For Naught

It's High School dress up day today.

Tomorrow is a half day, so they're letting everyone celebrate the dressing up today.

I don't know when the kids found out they'd be able to dress up on Thursday, but Micah decided to mention it and ask for help around 9:30 Wednesday  night.

Well, he asked if he could borrow a sheet.

I told him no and gave him several alternate suggestions.

Wear your tweed jacket, I said, and be a Professor. You could make a pipe shape out of cardboard and wrap the "mouth piece" well with tape so it doesn't get soggy.

Or, I thought, wear your big fleece bathrobe, wrap a "bandage" around your head and talk with a British accent. Be "The English Patient".

If you were a girl, my son, we could duct tape Safeway bags to your shirt and you could be a "Bag Lady".

In the end he just wore his orange exterminator shirt.

I offered him my orange hoodie (the one that used to be his Dad's), and suggested his black jeans with that- "At least you'd be wearing the 'Halloween' colours".

But, it was not to be.

Now you know, I said. You can start planning for next year's costume contest.

And with our imaginations...

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  1. I saw a movie the other night where a kid was static cling - I laughed - she had socks stuck all over her clothes. It was cute!