Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Coffee Break During Which No Coffee Is Consumed

Sort of a Tea Break, I guess... although I've been sipping at my Tazo Zen tea all the while...

To be honest, I suppose I should confess that it's just a break.

And an Internet break at that.

I finally made "The List"- Group 3 of the Church Ladies service groups.

And we're up for pie tomorrow.

So I'm halfway through a gluten-free apple pie, and then I'm making a sugar free apple pie.

As much for myself as for the gluten intolerant.

Meanwhile Micah's off with a group of youth and adults to make supper at The Mustard Seed in Edmonton, and Randall's resting his flu-y self on the sofa with one eye on the Saskatchewan/Calgary football game so he can keep Micah updated on the score. Apparently first place in the standings is on the line.

And I'm taking a break.

Just to breathe in the milder-than-yesterday breeze at my computer table and to check my Facebook Scrabble games.

And to keep an eye on those grey clouds. I think rain was in the forecast for tonight.

And to listen to the wind chimes.

Time to get back to the pies.

Well... maybe in a minute...


  1. I'm glad we got to visit this summer. The words you write of baking and sitting in the sun room with the computer is so - alive is probably the best way to describe it.

    By the way, what has happened with the book?

  2. Still waiting to hear back. Any time now. One lives in hope.