Thursday, October 15, 2009

... Lor-lee... Lor-lee...

Have you, like our little nephew since he got home from Thanksgiving at our house in The Field, been wandering in a wasteland, piteously calling out my name- waiting for me to write something? Wondering where I am and how you came to be looking for me?

Poor little buttons.

It's been a long week.

I'm on day two of the laundry... I found out that I have blankets enough to make 5 or 6 beds, depending on how closed off the room is, and how  cold you like to be.

The problem, lest  you get it in your head that we have no difficulty putting up an extra 10 people for several nights, is finding floor space and rooms. We were alright for Thanksgiving, having an older married couple and a double bed, and a younger married couple and a double air mattress, and rooms with doors for them both.

Hillary gave up her room (with the double bed) and slept in the storage room, and Thomas gave up his room for his Nana, and Micah gave up his bed for his brother and slept on a foamy on his floor. And the single Aunties slept on couch and air mattress in the family room... and everyone had a place.

We even managed to find chairs enough for around the table, although with a church full of tables and chairs next door, meal times wasn't really a concern.

The weather contributed to a Christmas air about the place.

They tell me it's supposed to be warm tomorrow and that the snow will melt, but I'm pessimistic enough to believe it when I see it.

The aftermath of such a full weekend coming fast on the heels of a very full and busy week is that, having hit the ground running nearly 2 weeks ago, I feel very like our old neighbour's deflated Santa.

But this too shall pass.

And I'm sure energy will come bubbling up like Jed Clampett's crude ...

... Oil that is, black gold. Texas tea...

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  1. Oh,I'm so glad you had a full house for Thanksgiving. It is so tiring but it is so very, very good to have all those family types around. And I bet you made it memorable for them with your hospitality.

    Now rest.